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Melva is the established and accomplished owner of Freestyle Salon & Day Spa, as well as an intuitive, highly educated massage therapist. Melva specializes in neuromuscular massage therapy, often used to treat a specific injury, as well as numerous new and classic techniques, theories and practices. She is always building her skill set to relieve the physical and emotional stress of the body and mind.  Melva's deep understanding of the inter-workings of the muscular system and body coupled with her intuitive ability to read the body, makes her an excellent and soothing massage therapist.

In Melva's free time she adheres to her personal life philosophy that serenity and acceptance of life's obstacles is the key to having a serene outlook on life. Melva is one to always accept change and go with the flow of life, because one never knows what great adventures are ahead. Melva enjoys physical activity, as she is an avid hiker, high-level skier, trains in Pilates, and makes it a priority each day to take a nice walk and enjoy the fresh air.  When there is enough time in a day, Melva enjoys spending time with family and friends, fine dining and taking romantic day trips with her husband to visit quaint, historic towns.

Melva Loves Freestyle Because she loves the people that she meets and how they help shape her life and make each day refreshing and meaningful. She loves the relationships she has built with her loyal clientele over the years. And, of course, she loves her talented staff!